F A L L   2 0 1 3


House Salad with little gem lettuce, caramelized baby turnips, marinated tomato, grilled scallion & blue cheese vinaigrette 8.

Fall Chopped Salad with romaine, grilled radicchio, crisp pear, smoked portabella, spiced pecans, chives & balsamic-black pepper vinaigrette 9.

Grilled Eggplant & Goat Cheese with fingerling potato & olive salad, salsa verde & carrot-olive oil puree 9.5

Swedish Meatballs with oyster mushrooms, shallot, lingenberry preserve & crispy dill-potato cake 10.

Spicy Butternut Squash Doughnuts with toasted walnut-madras curry dip & oregano honey 8.5

Brined & Smoked Shrimp Ceviche with cilantro-cabbage salad, lime-Serrano crème & chorizo papusa 14.

Lamb Barley Soup with rosemary and smoked cheddar corn muffin 10.0

Chinese Spare Ribs with pickled cabbage and ginger 9.


Shrimp and Grits with tasso ham, crimini mushrooms, Herbsaint & tarragon over parmesan-Tabasco hominy grits 18.5

Pecan Coated Catfish over sweet potato-andouille hash, with firefly collard greens & mustard pan sauce 18.

BBQed Dry Aged Flat Iron with mac n' cheese, sautéed green beans & sweet onions & horseradish-cider glaze 34.

Chicken Fried Mushrooms with mashed potato & celery root, tomato gravy and warm acorn squash-baby kale salad 16.5

Indian Mezze Plate with potato-cauliflower samosa with tomato-mint coulis, sautéed Brussels sprouts with coconut and tomato & mustard seed stewed chickpeas 16.5

Thai Roasted ½ Mary's Chicken with pad thai noodles, basil sambal & crispy scallion-peanut fry bread 22.5

Spicy Fettuccini and Clams with corn, tomatoes, bacon, red chili, capers, oregano & ricotta salata 18.5

Firefly Cheeseburger with roasted mushrooms, crispy fennel, hand cut fries & green salad 14.75

Braised Pork Shank over sweet potato-ancho puree, water cress, orange & chorizo salad and pan jus mole 22.

No substitutions please and thank you.
Wine Corkage: $10.00 (2 Bottle Maximum)
Split Entrées will be assessed a $5.00 charge
A 20% gratuity may be added to parties of 5 or more

ExecutiveChef/Owner: Paul Rosenbluh