S P R I N G    2 0 1 4


House Salad with little gem lettuce, caramelized baby turnips, marinated tomato, grilled scallion & blue cheese vinaigrette 8.

Warm Brussels Sprout & Fingerling Salad with toasted hazelnuts, herbs & aged goat cheese 9.

Crispy Lamb Tabbouleh with lemon-garlic puree & pomegranate molasses 9.5

Pork Carnitas Eggrolls with pickled chipotle slaw & avocado-garlic drizzle 10.

Spicy Butternut Squash Doughnuts with toasted walnut-madras curry dip & oregano honey 8.5

Crispy Smoked Fish & Green Papaya Salad with mint, lime & spicy roasted shallot 14.

Spring Tomato Soup with herb marinated shaved cabbage 8.0


Shrimp and Grits with tasso ham, crimini mushrooms, Herbsaint & tarragon over parmesan-Tabasco hominy grits 18.5

Pecan Coated Catfish over sweet potato-andouille hash, with firefly collard greens & mustard pan sauce 18.

Grilled NY with green pea & bacon succotash, fennel Worcestershire & crispy fennel 34.

Artichoke & Baby Leek Stew with corn-spinach dumplings & preserved peppers 16.5

Indian Mezze Plate with potato-cauliflower curry with tomato-mint coulis, sautéed Brussels sprouts with coconut and tomato & mustard seed stewed chickpeas 16.5

1950's Chicken Dinner: ½ roasted Mary's chicken, mashed potatoes, bacon sautéed green beans & griddled tomato 22.5

Tagliatelle with duck ragu, dandelion greens, pencil asparagus & sheep milk cheese 18.5

Firefly Cheeseburger with roasted corn relish, smoked cheddar, hand cut fries & green salad 14.75

Hungarian Braised Pork Shank with smashed potato, caramelized celery root-shallot & parsley salad 22.

No substitutions please and thank you.
Wine Corkage: $10.00 (2 Bottle Maximum)
Split Entrées will be assessed a $5.00 charge
A 20% gratuity may be added to parties of 5 or more

ExecutiveChef/Owner: Paul Rosenbluh